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I Had To Re-Pot All My Aloe Plants Today

This summer has been very hot and humid! On the drier days, I have been taking my plants outside to enjoy the sunshine. I have several aloe plants of various sizes. They started out as two small aloe sold together in a single clay pot. Since then, they have grown into their own pots and… Continue reading I Had To Re-Pot All My Aloe Plants Today

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Something New, Somewhere New

Let's pretend it hasn't been four months since my last post. You know how time feels like it is slipping away from you? That's been happening ... a lot. The last time I posted here, we had moved, I had gotten a fish, and I had gotten some plants. Since then, I have gotten a… Continue reading Something New, Somewhere New

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New Home and New Friends

Who has two thumbs and disappeared from WordPress for two months? That's me! I know, I know, I didn't follow that schedule I laid out back in April to manage my blog posts/other professional work. I won't fling excuses at you, but I will fling the good news that contributed to my inactivity - I… Continue reading New Home and New Friends