Casting Apps: A Short Story

Yesterday, I logged onto DeviantArt to a surprise – my piece Casting Apps had been nominated as a Daily Deviation! Here is a reblog of the piece, which I shared here back in January.

Dreamhowl Writes

Aside from writing a blog a day for the month of January for the Ultimate Blog Challenge,  I am trying to commit to one short story a week. This is the second product of that project. You can find the prompt here.

cell-phone-690192 Source: Unsplash, CC0 via Pixabay

The low murmur of voices pulled me from sleep. Blinking, I fought to keep my eyes open as the world swirled to life around me. I was sprawled out on a black floor mattress in a small, dark room. A couple of candles were lit on a dresser under a window, through which I could see the night sky. Groaning, I raised a hand to my forehead. Ugh, what a headache. Did I fall down somewhere? Where was I? Forcing myself to sit up, I glanced down at my body. Yeah, those were the same jeans and t-shirt from yesterday. Something must…

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