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A Restless Mind on a Thursday Afternoon

"Zen Mode" in the Castbox podcast app. I've spent most of my day off in our living room, sitting on the couch with the rat cage pulled up next to me. After breakfast this morning, I put Oliver on the couch, opened the cage doors, and waited to see what Barry would do. While they've… Continue reading A Restless Mind on a Thursday Afternoon

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When Dragons Opened the Door

I was sitting here today, wondering what to blog about and feeling really guilty, when I read Michael J. Sullivan’s post about J.R.R. Tolkien. He and other fantasy authors celebrated Tolkien’s birthday (January 3, 1892) by talking about what Tolkien meant to them. Tolkien’s fantasy worlds were an inspiration for a lot of writers! When… Continue reading When Dragons Opened the Door


What Will Books Be Like in the Future?

   As the versatility of eBooks and electronic reading devices increases, everyone loves to wonder about the future of the printed word. Will there ever be a time when physical, actual books no longer exist outside of digital media? I recently heard someone claim that cash would soon be nonexistent, due to the popularity of… Continue reading What Will Books Be Like in the Future?

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Dreams of Criticism and Rejection

I had just finished writing my daily blog post, and was sharing it on all my social media sites - Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Tumblr. I was pretty proud of it, and took a break from the computer for a bit. When I went to peruse my Tumblr dashboard later, I noticed that I had… Continue reading Dreams of Criticism and Rejection

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2,000 Miles: Kavik and I

I read a lot when I was younger. It was my favorite way to the pass the time, and to spend that time alone. Reading transported me to places I had never been, and melded me into fantasy worlds that were infinitely more interesting than mine. I owned the entire Little House on the Prarie… Continue reading 2,000 Miles: Kavik and I