Winter Storm Warnings

   In the first actual snowstorm of the season, our area of New York was hit with a winter storm warning, and inches upon inches of snow accumulation. It was snowing since early this morning, and visibility was already limited a little while before I was supposed to be at work. At that point, New… Continue reading Winter Storm Warnings


Would You Be Ready for the “Snowpocalypse”?

On Tuesday, January 27, winter storm Juno plowed through the northeastern United States, leaving several states with over a foot of snow. Some awoke to feet of snow piled in front of their doors, while others (like my region of New York) awoke with just six inches on the ground. And it was the fluffy… Continue reading Would You Be Ready for the “Snowpocalypse”?

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World of Warcraft Keeps Calling My Name

October has arrived and friends are posting pictures of pumpkin spiced lattes and apple picking orchards. I start to ponder what to wear to the Halloween party at the end of the month, and whether I should actually try a pumpkin spiced latte. But something else is clawing at the edge of my thoughts, something… Continue reading World of Warcraft Keeps Calling My Name