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Top 9 Misconceptions About Fish Ownership

Image by Narcis Ciocan from Pixabay School is out and summer has arrived! For many kids, that means sunny days outdoors, swimming in the pool, and going on fun vacations. For others, it means bringing home a new pet! As someone who works in pet retail, it seems like the arrival of summer brings a… Continue reading Top 9 Misconceptions About Fish Ownership

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Something New, Somewhere New

Let's pretend it hasn't been four months since my last post. You know how time feels like it is slipping away from you? That's been happening ... a lot. The last time I posted here, we had moved, I had gotten a fish, and I had gotten some plants. Since then, I have gotten a… Continue reading Something New, Somewhere New

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New Home and New Friends

Who has two thumbs and disappeared from WordPress for two months? That's me! I know, I know, I didn't follow that schedule I laid out back in April to manage my blog posts/other professional work. I won't fling excuses at you, but I will fling the good news that contributed to my inactivity - I… Continue reading New Home and New Friends

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Keep Your Fins Off of the Bettas

   It happened again today. Two girls approached me at the register, and asked if the Betta fish are meant to be kept together. I said no, and assumed that the girls were asking as customers if they could get two of the fish. But then one of the girls informed me that two of… Continue reading Keep Your Fins Off of the Bettas