4.2017: This is my planned blogging and writing schedule. Mondays and Fridays will feature blog posts here, while the rest of my time will be devoted to other projects. I may post on off-days to promote new articles, videos, or other writing progress. Feel free to share thoughts or time management advice below!


  • moments I was grateful for in the past week
  • positive events and outcomes to situations
  • life lessons that I was grateful to learn


  • write a new HubPages article
  • write a new Blasting News article
  • write a guest post or other article


  • fiction pieces based on writing prompts
  • fiction based on original characters
  • long term writing projects and story chapters


  • make a new Minecraft how-to video for HubPages
  • make a new video for another HubPages article


  • comment on other blog posts
  • comment on other HubPages articles
  • revise and rewrite old creative writing