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Rose Quartz: The (Self) Love Stone

True story: yesterday evening, we lost internet and cable service. When it became clear it wasn’t coming back on, we decided to watch Elysium and head to bed. We must have gotten it back sometime past midnight. In any case, it’s only taken me a few days to make my first tardy post! I’m laughing… Continue reading Rose Quartz: The (Self) Love Stone

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Pokemon Go is Bringing People Outside Together

Have you been playing Pokemon Go? The free app was first released in Australia, New Zealand and the United States, and has since spread to the UK, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and 26 other countries. Nintendo developed Pokémon Go with Niantic, the company behind another augmented reality game called Ingress. Augmented reality (AR) games are played… Continue reading Pokemon Go is Bringing People Outside Together


Casting Apps: A Short Story

Yesterday, I logged onto DeviantArt to a surprise – my piece Casting Apps had been nominated as a Daily Deviation! Here is a reblog of the piece, which I shared here back in January.

Dreamhowl Writes

Aside from writing a blog a day for the month of January for the Ultimate Blog Challenge,  I am trying to commit to one short story a week. This is the second product of that project. You can find the prompt here.

cell-phone-690192 Source: Unsplash, CC0 via Pixabay

The low murmur of voices pulled me from sleep. Blinking, I fought to keep my eyes open as the world swirled to life around me. I was sprawled out on a black floor mattress in a small, dark room. A couple of candles were lit on a dresser under a window, through which I could see the night sky. Groaning, I raised a hand to my forehead. Ugh, what a headache. Did I fall down somewhere? Where was I? Forcing myself to sit up, I glanced down at my body. Yeah, those were the same jeans and t-shirt from yesterday. Something must…

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They’re Already Here: A Month With Ingress

One month ago, I published a blog centered around Ingress, a mobile game app created by Niantic. When I first started, I knew only the basics - the object of the game is to collect XM, capture portals, and create links and fields between these portals. Hacking portals awards items, like weapons and resonators, and… Continue reading They’re Already Here: A Month With Ingress