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So Now You’re Gone and I’m Haunted

This is part of the #NovemberNotes challenge, hosted by Sarah Doughty and Rosema. The song is Almost Lover by A Fine Frenzy. “It’s really pretty, isn’t it?” the young girl said, a smile spread across her face. Her eyes were glued to the night sky, dark blue and speckled with stars. Sometimes, when she had been… Continue reading So Now You’re Gone and I’m Haunted

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November Notes Challenge

I’ve decided I’m going to be participating in this challenge! There is a lot of creative freedom, and I seem to write better when I’m not tied down to certain forms or themes. I’m aiming to post every day if I can.

Heartstring Eulogies


My good friend Rosema over at A Reading Writer and I have developed a very musical month of prompts for November called #NovemberNotes. Using diverse song titles that sound beautiful and can evoke some strong emotions, but their lyrics and titles hold significance, too. You can create whatever you want — poetry, prose, short stories, take photographs that remind you of the song, etc. You have full creative control. I can’t wait for November to begin. Won’t you join us?

Here are the list of songs:

1. Almost Lovers by A Fine Frenzy
2. Details in the Fabric by Jason Mraz
3. The Other Side Of Paradise by Glass Animals
4. Between the Lines by Sara Bareilles
5. Criminal by Fiona Apple
6. Street Called Mercy by Hillsong United
7. Yellow by Coldplay
8. Perfect Strangers by Jonas Blue
9. Cupid Carries A Gun by Marilyn Manson
10. Air by Rayvon…

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Small Like My Kittens

This fiction piece was inspired by a writing prompt on reddit, and is also posted on my DeviantArt. The loud whooshing of large, leathery wings stirred the calico from her slumber atop the fence post. The ground shuddered under the weight of something far larger than a cat, the vibration reverberating through the old wooden… Continue reading Small Like My Kittens

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Ready for the Leaves And just like that, October is almost over. In my last post (yes I know, several weeks ago), I mentioned I was participating in a Halloween-themed writing contest. I would have been, if I had written up a story based on the prompt sooner. My procrastination and I are to blame here - not… Continue reading Ready for the Leaves

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A Glimpse at Respawn’s Titanfall 2

I apologize for the blog silence on my end! I had planned to combine my Monday and Wednesday posts together, and then my Wednesday post never happened. I seem to have caught the tail-end of a cold - my sinuses have been taunting me since yesterday evening (breathing, what is breathing?). I'm lacking in energy, but still… Continue reading A Glimpse at Respawn’s Titanfall 2