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They’re Already Here: A Month With Ingress

One month ago, I published a blog centered around Ingress, a mobile game app created by Niantic. When I first started, I knew only the basics - the object of the game is to collect XM, capture portals, and create links and fields between these portals. Hacking portals awards items, like weapons and resonators, and… Continue reading They’re Already Here: A Month With Ingress

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Flexing My Mobile Muscles: LG G Flex2

This week has been a bit of a wild ride, but I came out strong! To start, my two rats (love them as I do) ATE through the bottom of the cage on Wednesday. They had been idly chewing at the corners for a while, but the holes were small. I was actually shopping around… Continue reading Flexing My Mobile Muscles: LG G Flex2

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Happy World Rat Day 2016!

Did you know that April 4 is World Rat Day? To be honest, it's the first time I've heard of it. But we just gave our two girls two big pieces of rice pops to help celebrate. Well, to celebrate a little more; everyday seems like I celebration for them - they sleep a bunch,… Continue reading Happy World Rat Day 2016!

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Pokémon Go! And What is Ingress?

Exciting things are happening! You may recall my mention of Pokémon GO back in January. Pokémon GO is a (free) mobile app by Nintendo slated for release sometime this year. Once downloaded, players will be able to catch wild Pokémon simply by taking a walk outside. The app uses real-life locations for wild Pokémon and… Continue reading Pokémon Go! And What is Ingress?