This is a master post of all of the articles I have written around the internet. If you have seen copies of my work on other blogs, rest assured that these links are the original, copyrighted work. Feel free to inform me via the comment section below of any copyright violations.

I have over 10 years of experience handling animals at work, and have pets of my own.
I play video games on the PC, Nintendo 3DS, Xbox One, and mobile phone.
I play both modded and unmodded Minecraft, and enjoy building new farms.
I play Pokemon games on the Nintendo 3DS as well as on mobile.
I roleplayed in many fantasy online forums over the years, and used to play D&D.
I am very tech-savvy and love learning about new technology.
Halloween my favorite holiday of the year, and I enjoy summer vacations.
I enjoy camping, hiking, and pondering wilderness survival scenarios.
I played World of Warcraft up until the Legion expansion.
Sometimes I write about writing!