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Birds Fly In Different Directions I know that birds fly in different directionsI hope to see you again Birds fly in different directionsSo fly high, so fly high imagine dragons - "birds" Three days ago, Imagine Dragons came out with a new video for their song "Birds". Somehow this song slipped under the radar for me. It originally released… Continue reading Birds Fly In Different Directions

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A Restless Mind on a Thursday Afternoon

"Zen Mode" in the Castbox podcast app. I've spent most of my day off in our living room, sitting on the couch with the rat cage pulled up next to me. After breakfast this morning, I put Oliver on the couch, opened the cage doors, and waited to see what Barry would do. While they've… Continue reading A Restless Mind on a Thursday Afternoon

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I Can’t Stop Listening To The Piano Guys When I was planning our wedding, I had to choose the procession and recession songs for the ceremony. I love instrumental music, so I didn't want to just go with "traditional" pieces. So I turned to The Piano Guys. Full disclosure: I love The Piano Guys. They do music adaptations of music, from movie… Continue reading I Can’t Stop Listening To The Piano Guys