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I’ve Discovered An Old Friend In The Bullet Journal

I started writing in a diary when I was in elementary school. My psychiatrist gifted me a small, yellow journal with flowers and fairies on the cover. There was a small combination lock on the side of the book, though it proved easy to force open. It was a lovely gift for a little girl… Continue reading I’ve Discovered An Old Friend In The Bullet Journal

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The Future Of My Blog, Dreamhowl Writes

Free-Photos via Pixabay This month's Ultimate Blog Challenge is almost over! I'm now two posts behind (overnights at work flipped my schedule upside down). But this the furthest I have ever gotten, and have otherwise been posting one blog a day. I'm immensely proud of myself, especially since my writing has been taking the backseat… Continue reading The Future Of My Blog, Dreamhowl Writes

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Something New, Somewhere New

Let's pretend it hasn't been four months since my last post. You know how time feels like it is slipping away from you? That's been happening ... a lot. The last time I posted here, we had moved, I had gotten a fish, and I had gotten some plants. Since then, I have gotten a… Continue reading Something New, Somewhere New

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Small Like My Kittens

This is a reblog of a piece I wrote in October of last year that I genuinely enjoyed. Work was hectic this week, and I just started going back to the gym; my body and my brain are so tired! What I want to do is write another short based off of this prompt, like a continued adventure. If I can get it done this weekend, I’ll post it early!

Dreamhowl Writes

This fiction piece was inspired by a writing prompt on reddit, and is also posted on my DeviantArt.

cat-58988.jpg Source: Greyerbaby, CC0 via Pixabay

The loud whooshing of large, leathery wings stirred the calico from her slumber atop the fence post. The ground shuddered under the weight of something far larger than a cat, the vibration reverberating through the old wooden post. The calico blinked away sleep, her pale green eyes taking in the sight before her – a slinky black dragon bowed low to the ground. She studied it for a long moment before sighing.

“How did you find me?” the calico asked.

The snake-like dragon did not move. His wings were curled up against his back, his hide darker than midnight and shiny. It dazzled the cat sometimes, but the dragon was not a plaything – it was a thing she had already said farewell to. When…

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Tell Me Everything About You

How well do you know your characters? Senior year in college, I decided to write a novella for my thesis. Since I didn’t have to take as many courses, I thought I could handle it. I quickly learned how much work would go into plotting and writing. I had deadlines to meet - scheduled office… Continue reading Tell Me Everything About You