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Would You Like To Play A (Mobile) Game?

I hope you had a great Sunday! I did some chores on my day off. But I didn't work too hard. I've started playing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and it is really soothing. Pocket Camp is a mobile game for iOS and Android where players run their own camp. Since I love Animal Crossing, I'm… Continue reading Would You Like To Play A (Mobile) Game?

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5 Things I Love About Animal Crossing

A couple of days ago, I dug out my Nintendo 3DS and opened the case. I don't play it much lately - I never even finished Pokemon Sun! I looked through the games stored inside and felt nostalgic. Sitting there was Animal Crossing: New Leaf (ACNL for short). According to my villagers, the last time… Continue reading 5 Things I Love About Animal Crossing

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Ingress: The World Is Not What It Seems

Ingress is an augmented reality location-based mobile game created by Niantic Labs. According to the storyline, scientists discover the existence of Exotic Matter (shortened to XM). Players pick between two factions - Enlightened (green) and Resistance (blue). The Enlightened sides with the unnatural XM and the aliens - called Shapers - who introduced it. The… Continue reading Ingress: The World Is Not What It Seems

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Ready for the Leaves And just like that, October is almost over. In my last post (yes I know, several weeks ago), I mentioned I was participating in a Halloween-themed writing contest. I would have been, if I had written up a story based on the prompt sooner. My procrastination and I are to blame here - not… Continue reading Ready for the Leaves

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A Glimpse at Respawn’s Titanfall 2

I apologize for the blog silence on my end! I had planned to combine my Monday and Wednesday posts together, and then my Wednesday post never happened. I seem to have caught the tail-end of a cold - my sinuses have been taunting me since yesterday evening (breathing, what is breathing?). I'm lacking in energy, but still… Continue reading A Glimpse at Respawn’s Titanfall 2