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5 Things I Love About Animal Crossing

A couple of days ago, I dug out my Nintendo 3DS and opened the case. I don’t play it much lately – I never even finished Pokemon Sun! I looked through the games stored inside and felt nostalgic. Sitting there was Animal Crossing: New Leaf (ACNL for short).

Animal Crossing New Leaf is a Nintendo 3DS game.

According to my villagers, the last time I played was one year ago. I know this because they tell you how shocked they are to see you. Or they chide you for disappearing for so long. Or tell you how much they missed you! Some of them moved away, and you find their letters in your mailbox.

Picking up ACNL again has been therapeutic. There are so many things I love about the game!

1. Designing Your Own Home

I love games where you control the design and layout of your home. In ACNL, you can change the wallpaper and floor of each room. You can decorate each room with furniture and hang things on the wall. Critters you catch – like fish and bugs – can also be decorations!

2. Being Mayor of Your Town

As Mayor of your town (which you get to name), you are in charge of town projects and ordinances. You decide what town buildings are constructed! And with the clean town ordinance in place, my town stays clean of weeds and garbage everyday!

3. Foraging Items For Money

It is so easy to make money in ACNL! By foraging items like seashells, fish, bugs, and fruit, you have plenty to sell. If you take a boat to the island, you can catch more bugs and fish or different varieties. And something about gathering seashells and other items is so relaxing.

4. Paying Off Home Loans

This sounds silly, but having the accomplishment of paying off loans feels good as an adult. You acquire loans in ACNL by purchasing home remodels and expansions. Since it is so easy to earn money, paying off loans is a breeze! It’s hard not to find that satisfying.

5. Landscaping And Redecorating

You aren’t just in charge of running the town – you can decorate it as you see fit. Fruit trees and flowers can be planted wherever there is dirt. With custom designs, you can place walkways on the ground. I outlined the border of my town entirely with trees!

Do you have a video game or other activity that helps you feel relaxed?

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