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I Can’t Stop Listening To The Piano Guys

When I was planning our wedding, I had to choose the procession and recession songs for the ceremony. I love instrumental music, so I didn’t want to just go with “traditional” pieces. So I turned to The Piano Guys.

Full disclosure: I love The Piano Guys. They do music adaptations of music, from movie scores to popular songs of all genres. Pianist Jon Schmidt and cellist Steven Nelson perform the pieces. The music is produced by Al van der Beek, and videographer Paul Anderson shoots the videos.

Song art for Avatar (The Theme) by The Piano Guys.

When they released Avatar at the end of June, I was so excited. James Horner composed the music score for the Avatar movie, and I’ve listened to his work since I was younger. Avatar had a gorgeous soundtrack, especially the theme song.

After I watched their official music video for Avatar (The Theme), I shared it on my personal Facebook and my Twitter profile. I went on my merry way, and didn’t look at my notifications for a bit. I don’t have many social media apps on my phone. So it is easy for me to overlook Twitter notifications.

When I logged into my Twitter profile today, I saw this in my notifications! Would you call this a “humble brag”? Either way, I almost lost it. I repeated “SHUT up” out loud, over and over. It’s small in the grand scheme of things, but it means a lot to me.

Let me know how you like the song after you listen to it!

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