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You Can Eat Keto At Wendy’s, It’s Just Less Fun

The other day, we went out to meet my brother-in-law to hang out. We offered to bring him food while we were out … and realized that we were hungry, too. We had yet to eat lunch, and keto has limited our “fast food” options. We decided to go to Wendy’s.

There are ways to eat healthy at Wendy’s, no matter what diet you are on. We did not opt for the avocado salad option suggested, however. I did not know that option existed at the time. That and salad isn’t exciting to me sometimes!

We ordered two baconators, minus the buns. This turned the meal into two burgers, bacon, and a slice of cheese. When you order this, they place the burger into a plastic container. A fork and knife are also thrown into your bag for you.

It doesn’t sound as healthy as the recommended avocado chicken salad, but it is keto – beef, bacon, and cheese are all allowed. You can order similar items at other fast food restaurants for a quick keto meal. You can also put some mayo on top to replace the unhealthy condiments.

Just be prepared for the fast food worker to try to sell you “forbidden” food despite your utilitarian order. Ours still asked us if we wanted fries, a soda, or a Frosty with our order. We politely declined all three. I don’t expect everyone to know I am on keto, but it is still difficult having sugars and carbs dangled in front of you!

I still wouldn’t make a habit of eating bun-less baconators on a regular basis. And I do eat salad regularly – almost every night with dinner! It is just nice to have a safety net available when you are out and in need of a meal. It is better than eating an entire bag of bacon jerky! Not that I would know about that …

FastKetoDiets has a great resource on keto-friendly fast food. Listed restaurants include Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Subway, Burger King, and more. It comes down to going bun-less and avoiding other carbs. I have seen mixed opinions on sugar-free and diet sodas on keto. However, I have had a few so far and have been fine. It’s a nice treat for me when I need a pick me up.

Do you restrict your fast food options due to a diet?

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