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Firefox Wants To Help Stop Websites From Tracking You

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but websites all over the internet are tracking your browser history and other information. Internet privacy has become a bigger deal as more people learn about it and want to protect their information.

Mozilla has always been a defender of privacy in a free and open internet. I’ve been using their Firefox browser for a while, and always loved their extensive privacy settings. In their latest version, Mozilla added the ability to protect against trackers, crypto miners, and fingerprinters. And tracking protection is set on by default in Firefox!

Mozilla also offers other free services to protect your privacy. Firefox Monitor alerts you if your emails were involved in past and recent data breaches. This is especially helpful for accounts that you forgot you had. I went back and deleted old accounts that were involved in data breaches!

Do you have a lot of passwords? Firefox Lockwise is a free password manager that syncs with your Firefox account. Passwords that you have saved in Firefox become accessible on your mobile device. You can only unlock the app with your phone’s password. Lockwise detects when you are logging into a site with a saved password. Once you unlock the app, it will autofill the login for you!

Firefox Preview, their new mobile browser in the Google Play Store.

I’ve also been testing Mozilla’s new browser, called Firefox Preview. It is a simple and streamlined mobile browser that maintains privacy elements. It includes tracking protection, and also a Private mode. This mode prevents your browsing history from being saved. Anyone else who uses your device won’t be able to see what you were up to!

If you want to protect your privacy, even more, try a VPN service! VPNs help mask your true location and hide your activity on public Wifi. Most VPN services have a subscription-fee, but ProtonVPN has a free option available. It does the trick for simple web browsing and is available on both desktop and mobile devices.

If you are using a browser like Google Chrome, I recommend trying out Firefox. Do you have any other privacy suggestions?

2 thoughts on “Firefox Wants To Help Stop Websites From Tracking You”

  1. Nice write up Jess! Little typo in second to last paragraph (“subscription-free” – I believe you meant “fee”). Another general suggestion is to use MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) when it is offered – a common example of this is when you get a code texted to you on your phone that you have to have to enter online or in another app in order to access data. This is particularly vital with online banking or other functions that can expose important financial or personal information.

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    1. Thanks for catching that typo! MFA is something I need to implement more. I read that Mozilla plans on offering a secure storage solution this fall as part of a subscription service. So I’m interested to see what other privacy solutions they come up with!


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