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Do You Believe In Dragons?

I wasn’t sure what to write about today, and then I thought about dragons. There is something you need to know about me – I love dragons. Ever since I was younger, something about dragons captivated me. I drew them, read about them, and dreamed about them.

Today, I still have books about dragons. And my bookshelf is decorated with dragons. I have dragon incense burners, statues, candle holders, and more! It’s one of my weaknesses.

At my job, we sell reptiles – to me, they are like little, wingless baby dragons. Here are a few of my favorite photos of our “dragons”!

This is a leopard gecko lounging on the rim of the water dish. They are beginner friendly and very easy to care for! Sometimes they get feisty and hiss at me when I try to pick them up. I even had one scream at me! It was adorable coming from such a tiny lizard.

Chinese water dragons are one of my favorite reptiles at the store. They remind me of little velociraptors. They are very quick, but tend to tolerate handling. They love it when I feed them wax worms on cleaning day!

You can’t see it in this photo, but this lizard’s tail is several times the length of its body! Long tailed lizards are not as big as the geckos or water dragons, but I think they are charming. They are like snakes with tiny legs! If you don’t find snakes cute, you may not find them very charming.

This was Godzilla, a bearded dragon that got adopted soon after this photo! Another reptile with “dragon” in its name, they are more docile than the others shown here. I’ve seen many customers walk in with their bearded dragons on their shoulders!

Do you like dragons? Or maybe just real life reptiles? 🐉

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