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Oliver Is Here To Cure Your Case Of The Mondays!

Mondays always feel like the longest day of the week! Today was hectic, and I found myself sitting here tonight without a post prepared. So here’s an update on Oliver, with videos!

Oliver went to the vet this past Friday to have an abscess drained. Since then, he has been in a separate cage and on antibiotics twice a day. His stitches are slowly dissolving, and the wound has stayed closed! Maybe in a week he can go back in the main cage with his brother.

Here are some videos of Oliver spending time on the couch with us. We take him out every night to have some time out of his temporary cage. He gets to stretch his legs, eat treats, and get pets. Here is to his continued healing!

Oliver used to let me pet his like this every night for minutes at a time. He doesn’t seek it out much anymore, so this time together is nice.

You can see Oliver’s wound in this video. He loves hiding in blankets, and spending time in the space pod.

Rats are more lovable than most people realize. I hope this chubby boy helped you feel better about this Monday!

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