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Ingress: The World Is Not What It Seems

Ingress is an augmented reality location-based mobile game created by Niantic Labs. According to the storyline, scientists discover the existence of Exotic Matter (shortened to XM).

Players pick between two factions – Enlightened (green) and Resistance (blue). The Enlightened sides with the unnatural XM and the aliens – called Shapers – who introduced it. The Resistance is against the Shapers and the existance of XM.

I started playing Ingress in March of 2016, while I was waiting for Pokemon Go’s release date. I have enjoyed playing the game for the past few years. We have earned virtual medals for our achievements, completed missions, and met some great people.

Netflix released an anime based off of Ingress called, “Ingress: The Animation” back in April. We finally decided to start watching it tonight. I put together a string of haiku while we watched:

Things aren’t what they seem
We see the world differently
Energies around us

Two factions exist
Resistance and Enlightened
Fighting over XM

Capturing portals
Linking fields to use XM
Which side will you choose?

It has been interesting to watch a show that was adapted from a mobile game! While you don’t need to have played Ingress to watch the series, I feel it helps with understanding the story. We are only a few episodes in, but the characters explain a lot that I already understood because I play Ingress.

Since playing Ingress, I have also downloaded Pokemon Go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite! These location-based games are also made by Niantic, and have similar gameplay elements. If Ingress sounds too complex, but you enjoy the Pokemon or Harry Potter universes, these other augmented reality games may be for you!

Do you have any mobile games that you love to play? Have you ever played an augmented reality game before? Let me know if there is one you enjoy more than these!

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