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Climbing Back Up


With the new year already a month old, I’m trying to turn things around. After several attempts at keeping this blog active, I’ve decided to hold myself accountable. Instead of posting random blog topics , I’ve decided to use this blog to update on my current writing pieces and projects. I fell off of the writing train for a little while, but I’m climbing my way back up.

I’ve started by editing my existing hubs on HubPages, which was recently acquired by Maven. I updated the information and photos in my Pokémon articles to match the most recent games, and am moving on to my Minecraft hubs. I have a lot more of these than every other topic. They are also always my most popular, many of them with the most overall views.

I’ve started experimenting with short instructional videos for my Minecraft hubs again. Unfortunately, this led to me discovering that Windows Live Movie Maker no longer exists, and is no longer supported by Windows. I tried looking around for it online, but the only download I dared try didn’t end up working. After some trial and error, I’m getting the hang of Shotcut. I just need to get used to it more!

Since I want to stay on top of this, I hope to post weekly updates on this blog – what I’ve edited, what I’ve written, videos I may have made, anything creative that I did. I think this will help keep me on track, and also not leave me feeling pressured about new blog post ideas and titles. I can leave that sort of thing for HubPages!

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