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Something New, Somewhere New

My Kittens

Let’s pretend it hasn’t been four months since my last post. You know how time feels like it is slipping away from you? That’s been happening … a lot. The last time I posted here, we had moved, I had gotten a fish, and I had gotten some plants. Since then, I have gotten a bigger tank for the fish, I have lost some plants, I have gotten more plants, and I have adopted a mouse. That’s just a basic overview, though.

About the plants: my orange cactus (Poppy) left this world. I’m about 90% sure I over-watered it. My spike plant (Spike) also left this world. He may also have been over-watered. I had purchased a rainbow elephant bush plant in the summer, but she is also dying. We aren’t really sure why, despite all the asking and research I’ve done. Who survived this learning process?

I still have Sophie (sedum succulent), Veran (aloe vera), Lily (guzmania bromeliad), and Shrimpy (marimo moss ball). This summer was my first foray with plants, so I’ve never kept plants during a winter before. I’m hoping these guys continue to stay strong during the colder months.

Lily, Sophie, and Veran sitting on the windowsill.

Lapis the betta fish is still doing well; we upgraded him to a 5-gallon tank, where he has been making bubble nests and looking intimidating (or trying). It’s finally starting to get cold out, so I’m relieved that I have the heater for him.

Lapis in his new 5-gallon hexagon tank. His plant is still alive, too!

On Friday the 13, we added a new member to the family: Opal the mouse. I adopted Opal from my job, where she came to us partially disabled. She appears to be mostly paralyzed in her hind legs – we catch her pushing off with them sometimes, or using them to scratch behind her ears, but she can’t really use them to walk. As a disabled critter, she was put up for adoption, and after several hints that I should take her in, I caved.

This is Opal doing her favorite activity – burrowing in the bedding.

I have her in a 5 gallon covered terrarium tank, because I honestly worried about her climbing the bars of a wire cage and falling down. She can’t grip anything with her hind legs, and I didn’t want her getting hurt. Glass is also chew proof, so that’s a plus. She’s very brave and active for a mouse with limited mobility! We have been taking her out of the tank to hang out with us, and she’s pretty fearless.

As for the embedded story at the top of my post: I’ve started an account over at Wattpad. I actually made the account a few months ago, and then forgot about it, but that’s just my style. Up until this point, I’ve been posting all of my writing at Deviantart, and sharing some of it here. But I want to try something new. I’m going to start posting stories on Wattpad (a site 100% made for that sort of thing), starting with “Small Like My Kittens”. I posted that story here a couple of times – it’s one of my favorites.

I’m hoping to add more stories to the narrative, because it was always something that I meant to do and just … never wrote. And I’m hoping that starting this will encourage me to write more, as I’ve been out of practice lately. If you have an account on Wattpad, let me know and I’ll follow! Or if you post your writing on another site – I’d be interested in that, too.

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