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New Year, New Jar Project!

First of all – long time, no see! That’s my fault – I let the holidays and other things get the best of me. I’ve made a decision with the start if the new year to really work hard, though! I don’t want this blog to fall into silence, or to just stop writing for a month. I plan on sticking with the schedule I loosely outlined toward the end of last year: posting blogs three days a week, preferably Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If you’ve stuck with me despite my inactivity lately, I do appreciate it!


In February of last year, I started something called the “Good Year Jar” Project, as posted in a group on DeviantArt. Whenever something good happened throughout the year, I would write it down on a slip of paper, fold it up, and put it in the jar. This ranged from surprises, to personal achievements, to things that just made me really happy at the time. I didn’t always remember to write my moments down, but I was still excited to open the jar once 2016 officially ended!

Reading each slip of paper reminded me of the great things and experiences that happened in 2016, right at a time when I needed them most. The holidays were stressing me out, work was neverending, and I felt like I had lost touch with myself, and my personal goals. The “Good Year Jar” reminded me to be proud of all I experienced and achieved last year. My jar included good things like:

  • I joined the group and learned about the “Good Year Jar” Project
  • My manager paid for lunch one day
  • I’ve been having Sundays off from work lately
  • I got a new cell phone for a good price
  • I started making more in ad revenue on HubPages
  • Several of my hubs got moved over to niche sites
  • I won one of the 6th annual Hubbie Awards
  • I started making YouTube videos for my hubs
  • “Casting Apps” became a Daily Deviation on DeviantArt
  • (and more)

Now that my jar is empty, I want to fill it with even more good things and experiences this year. I want to properly set goals, and have the chance to write down their successes to out into this jar. Reading the slips from this jar was a powerful gratitude reminder, and I hope to feel the same positivity from it at the start of 2018. You should try it out, too! Maybe I’ll even decorate my jar this year with some stickers. It deserves to be a little bit festive.

Side note: it’s fairly obvious that I did not finish the #NovemberNotes challenge. I think I am going to steer clear of 30-day writing challenges for a while. I still plan on posting fiction every Friday, though! I enjoy having the time to think through writing prompts that peak my interests.

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