Literature, Writing

To Stay or to Leave

This is part of the #NovemberNotes challenge, hosted by Sarah Doughty and Rosema. The song is Between the Lines by Sara Bareilles. I took a mini-vacation this weekend, but I’ll be catching up to the prompts!

Source: khfalk, CC0 via Pixabay

The longer Hecate stood at the edge of the forest, the more she felt humiliated. She’d given him an ultimatum yesterday – herself, or the human woman. As attached as he was to the human, he’d been spending more and more time with Hecate after work. They’d ran through the woods at night, two wolves weaving between the tall trees. They’d played, and howled, and even scared some locals getting cozy in their tent one night. These were all things Hecate could have done herself, but sharing them with someone just like her …

The sun was rising. He said he’d meet her by sunrise, if he was coming. Hecate kicked at a clump of grass with her boot and scowled. It wasn’t everyday that you met another Wolfblood. She got along with humans as well as necessary, but to choose one over your own kind? He was only half human. How would he explain the wolf part to her? As if a full human would understand just how serious their situation was.

Hecate spent most of her life among humans. Didn’t he starve for a Wolfblood companion the way she did?

“It looks like I’m the only one with any sense,” she said aloud. “Like I’d expect any less.”

Reaching up and stretching, Hecate settled her sweater back onto her shoulders. There were still a few hours before her manager was expecting her at the shop. The manager who was once again the closest thing she had to a friend. A very much human friend. It felt like the trees were laughing at her in that moment, so she turned her back on them and began walking. She’d go home, shower, and go to work. Because she was half human, too.

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