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Ready for the Leaves

And just like that, October is almost over. In my last post (yes I know, several weeks ago), I mentioned I was participating in a Halloween-themed writing contest. I would have been, if I had written up a story based on the prompt sooner. My procrastination and I are to blame here – not only did I fall behind in my blogging schedule, but I left my story for the last minute. I tried to write something up today, to have even a short-short piece to submit, but my muse was not working with me.

Once I accepted that the Halloween story was not going to happen, I opened a new document and started working on something new – I began to list the things I never “have time” to do, versus the things I make time to do everyday. I put my procrastination on the stand, basically. And I made a decision, perhaps the first of many.

I decided to quit Flight Rising

Flight Rising is that browser-based dragon game that I’ve mentioned once before in the past. Players raise and breed virtual dragons of various breed, color, and gene combinations. Up until today, I have a several-page lair full of dragons, as well as my own “hatchery” (where I bred and sold dragons). I logged into the site on a daily basis to feed my dragons, gather food supplies, check on my hatchery, hatch baby dragons, and browse my Flight’s forums for topics to reply to. I was even trying to work on lore to add to each dragon’s profile.

TL;DR: I was spending a lot more time with virtual dragons than I thought. While I love the community there, it became clear how much of that time could be devoted to writing each day – a short blog post, or a paragraph, or a haiku. And while I love video games, this was not even one that I shared with my boyfriend or real life friends. I could be gaming to bond with them, instead of obsessing over my dragons. So I’m shutting down my lair, and giving away most of my dragons to other players for free. This was a harder decision than I thought, which tells me how large a space Flight Rising had cut out of my life.

And – though I’ve done it before – I made a silent promise to get back on top of my blog, and my writing in general. I’m going back to trying to take it in baby steps; I’ll follow my three-blogs-a-week schedule, with Friday’s post being a piece of fiction. While I thought about trying NaNoWriMo again, I’m sure this only proves that I can’t pull it off right now. I also let go of a group that I had been trying to revive on DeviantArt, and started going through all of the sites a have bookmarked. I left one roleplaying site recently (due to inactivity), but not Canyon River.

Source: Jessica Marello | Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

And finally, since Monday’s (belated) post is supposed to be about moments …

This past Sunday, the boyfriend and I were both off from work, so we went to Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. On days and evenings when we were both available, we have been going up to Tarrytown to complete the Headless Horseman mission banner in Ingress; since we finally finished that, we took Sunday to add the Sleepy Hollow banner on top of that. The cemetery closes at 4:30 every day of the week, so finding a day we could both make it there on time has been difficult. But the fruit of out labor is pretty sweet.

Source: Jessica Marello | A look at my Ingress missions

I know what you’re thinking – isn’t Ingress a time sink, too? Yes, but in a more productive way. With Ingress, we can go outdoors to different places and make memories. We get a lot of exercise, and even meet other players along the way. On the other hand, Flight Rising was me sitting at a computer, making virtual dragons. I’ll miss it I’m sure, but I miss my writing more right now. The video linked above (The Fall – Imagine Dragons) resonated not only with the season, but with the way I’ve been feeling lately. It just seemed to “fit” with what I had to say here, and the choices I made.

2 thoughts on “Ready for the Leaves”

  1. *waves!* Howdy! It was nice seeing other Enlightened agents in the area when we made our attempt to do the same banner on the same day (Headless Horseman). I am secretscribe – my husband is Diashi. We wound up not doing the banner due to the crowds and lack of obvious parking spaces in the same zip code, so we continued along our way back to Connecticut. But if you ever feel like crossing the border (we were on our way home from NJ), please feel free to look us up in the CTENL G+ and online communities. 🙂 We’ll likely go back and try for the Headless Horseman series again at some point after Halloween’s over. Thanks also for the tip about the cemetery closing time!

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    1. Oh hey! I hear you on parking. Each time we visited for the Horseman banner, we ended up parking on a side road and walking to the main street. We got a real workout from that banner. As for the cemetery, there was also an event going on each weekend before Halloween; we got there early enough to get decent parking before noon. If we ever visit your area I’ll be sure to let you know!


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