All Hallow’s Tales: Happy October!

I’m 99% certain I am not sick anymore. Thanks for the germs, Retail. My head isn’t struggling to think beyond how tired I am, so that sells it for me! Maybe the sudden change to cooler weather caught me off guard. But on the plus side, I can wear scarves now! I have so many scarves.

Source: Unsplash, CC0 via Pixabay

Happy October! Well, I’m a little bewildered that it’s already October, but appreciate the cooler weather. And I do enjoy the changing of the leaves, and finding acorns on the ground, and having an excuse to wear hoodies and sweaters again. But the best part of October is the end – Halloween. I come up with a costume every year to wear to one party or another. I’d dress up all year round if it was socially acceptable! But never as a “creepy clown” – that trend is really getting out of hand.

I don’t have a fiction piece this week, but I did enter a contest to write a fiction piece. All Hallow’s Tales 2016: Cabinet of Curiosities is a contest on DeviantArt for prose and poetry alike (though I will be writing prose). All member who enter will be given an item from the “cabinet of curiosities” – essentially a creepy, horror-inspiring, Halloween item. Once I receive my item, I’m to write a piece centering around the item that is “scary, disturbing, morbid, chilling, creepy, or darkly funny”. You know, Halloween stuff.

I haven’t received my item yet, but I am excited to see what I get assigned! There are no exchanges, so whatever item I get is permanent. All entries are due by midnight October 25, so I should have more than enough time to create a finished product. I am unsure if this will prevent me from posting weekly fiction. I will make an extra effort to post my Monday and Wednesday posts if I am unable to post Friday’s fiction!

Is anyone else planning on writing Halloween-themed stories (or poems) this month? And an unrelated question – is anyone participating in NaNoWriMo next month? I … may consider it, but it might become too much to handle. Would it be strange to re-write a novella for NaNoWriMo?

EDIT: I’ll be blogging an update, but this story never took form for me. I’m disappointed in myself, but I’m moving on to figuring out to get inspired again.


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