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Struggling for EXPerience

Source: Ommin202 on DeviantArt – check out his “Pokémon Life Lessons” gallery for more!

I was playing Pokémon Alpha Sapphire the other night, to wind down after a long day. I have this problem where I don’t finish video games, ever. I got all the badges and defeated the Elite Four, yes, but Pokémon fans know that isn’t really completing the game. I was riding my little bike around, battling random NPCs who recalled our last battles with positive excitement (even though it’s been ages since I battled them, seriously). Some of them were so excited, they wanted to have another battle right then and there. Well, if you insist …

At one point, I had to switch my Persian out mid-battle to avoid it fainting; it makes me sad when my Pokémon pass out! I finished the fight with a higher level Pokémon, and won the battle. The usual events happened – the NPC trainer admitted defeat (sometimes grudgingly – have to love those NPCs) and paid me for winning. The Pokémon who participated in the battle earned experience (referred to as XP), whether they were the ones who took down an opposing Pokémon or not

There is a message behind it if you look closely – if you fail, you still get to leave with experience. You might not get what you originally strode out to achieve, but you don’t leave empty-handed either. I heard this idea in a quote from someone, somewhere – if you know what I am referring to, feel free to leave it in the comments! It was a really inspiring piece of advice, and something as simple as playing Pokémon made me remember it.

There are a lot of things I’ve been afraid to try or do throughout my life, much of it through fear of failure. It was nice of a video game series that I’ve played since childhood to remind me that was wrong.

DeviantArt member Ommin202 (real name Colton Hornstein) has a gallery of Pokémon-themed motivational posters called “Pokémon Life Lessons”. I’m sure you’ve seen them floating around the web before, especially the poster linked at the top of this blog entry. If you’re a fan of the Pokémon series, take a look at the other posters in his gallery folder – they are really great!

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