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Rose Quartz: The (Self) Love Stone

True story: yesterday evening, we lost internet and cable service. When it became clear it wasn’t coming back on, we decided to watch Elysium and head to bed. We must have gotten it back sometime past midnight. In any case, it’s only taken me a few days to make my first tardy post! I’m laughing at myself, but wallowing at the same time.

Source: Myriams-Fotos, CC0 via Pixabay

For the past week or two, I’ve noticed that my days at work are lacking. I’m more irritable, less excited to see my coworkers, and less inclined to help customers. I usually enjoy helping others to an extent – it brightens my mood (the good encounters, of course) and wakes me up. Lately, I see a customer and feel … tired? That’s not to say I ignore them, especially when they ask for my help, but it doesn’t come as easily as it should. I do still greet their dogs, though – dogs are cute!

There’s a heavy energy following me around – a cloud of negativity, self hate, and regret. It seems like I have been taking this energy and inflecting it at people around me. I think I do this most often at work because part of it stems from there. I have a good work environment, kind coworkers, and the chance to see animals on a daily basis. But I also have this helpless feeling of wanting to do something else, and not knowing 100% what that is. But no pity parties, remember!

Enter rose quartz. In case you were unaware, I have a bit of a … growing crystal collection. Last year, I added to that collection by purchasing a piece of rose quartz at the county fair. Rose quartz is often called the “love stone” because it opens the heart chakra to love – not just romantic love, but platonic and self love, too. The rose quartz fits in the palm of my hand, and slides easily into my back pocket. This morning, I decided I was going to take it to work with me, and hold it whenever I felt like I was lacking in love.

If you don’t believe in the healing power of crystals, that’s okay. But this is what I use a lot of my crystals for, especially during meditation. Using my rose quartz for this purpose is simply what works for me. Along with taking it out of my pocket when I felt I needed it, I visualized a light pink aura around myself that held and manifested love. By the end of the day, I found myself feeling lighter – I wouldn’t say the cloud is gone, but the skies cleared up a bit. And since I once lost a piece of citrine (my previous pocket buddy), I was checking on my rose quartz all day!

Also, can I blame this negativity on the retrograde? Because Mercury is in retrograde and it’s always messing things up.

What do you do when you are feeling bogged down? I also like listening to this compilation from one of my favorite animes – it’s really soothing. ❤



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