The Characters of Canyon River

I first arrived at Canyon River Weyr in April 2014. It was not my first role-playing forum, and was far from my last. In fact, my online role-playing history is primarily comprised of Dragonriders of Pern forums like CRW. Unfortunately, many of these forums went into hiatus or died out. But CRW has been running strong for years, and has some of the most understanding staff members I’ve ever come across. I’ve been truly grateful for that lately.

I love role-playing and creating new characters with different personalities and backstories. But keeping up with sitewide events and threads can be difficult, especially with multiple characters. It’s even harder if you role play on several online forums! And since the summer has been pretty hectic, I felt pretty bad about not posting as much as I could. I even began to worry about how it would affect the friendships I have made there.

But that’s why I love this forum and the people who play there; I am always greeted in the chat box with welcomes and happy emotes. I could be behind on a post or lacking in muse and I wouldn’t be criticized. I got my writing gears turning last week and caught up on a sitewide plot thread – not only did it feel great, but I felt so welcome. It feels like coming home after a day of work and being greeted at the door.

I’ve really grown to love the community – both in character and in reality – that inhabits CRW. I’ve limited myself to six characters for now (for fear of not paying them all equal attention) but look forward to growing more with the forum as time goes on. They are listed on my Characters page, though I am still working on making Google Docs profiles for each of them.

So this past week, I am grateful for the role-playing community that is CRW, and the ability to play my characters there.



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