Back to (Blog) School


Summer is almost over, and I saw the first school buses crawling the streets Thursday morning. The kids waiting outside of their houses did not look thrilled to be going back, and I get it – I’m not the one who has to go back to school, after all. But as far as my blog is concerned, I’d say it’s time for school to start, too.

A blog isn’t doing much if no one posts on it. It’s like having a garden but not planting in it, or making a batch of cookies and just … not eating them. And I don’t mean giving them away to your friends and family – I mean making cookies, and just leaving them on the counter all summer long. Who does that?

So instead of throwing myself a pity party, I brainstormed a posting routine that was rigid enough to stick to, but not so much that it became overwhelming. I promised myself that I would try my hardest to commit to this schedule from now on, week after week:

  • Monday: (m)oments that I were grateful for in the past week, and events that were positive, amazing, or even magical.
  • Wednesday: (w)isdom that I have learned from life events, spiritual happenings, video games, or anything. This is open-ended.
  • Friday: (f)lash fiction pieces based on writing prompts, or characters, or any other ideas that spring up. This is most important to me.

Focusing my Monday posts around things I am grateful for is both to help me maintain a positive mindset, as well as remind myself to write it down more often. If I can find even just one thing that truly made my week and gush about it, it will be a huge boost to both my attitude and mentality. And by instating this routine into my life, I’m hoping I can get back on track with my other gratitude exercises, too.

Wednesday is more or a less a free-for-all when it comes to blog topics – while I like having direction, sometimes having a topic that is too specific can bog me down. I didn’t want to get to the middle of the week and feel like I had nothing applicable to write, so I am giving myself some freedom – wisdom can come from people, places, events, a lot of things.

But posting one work of fiction each Friday is what I feel is most important. Most of my writing this summer revolved around writing articles that weren’t terribly creative – at one point, it was just me churning out tech how-to after tech how-to. While I was grateful for the writing opportunity, it started to feel soul-crushing. I love creative writing most of all, and lately it has been lacking from my life. My goal is to change that.

I hope everyone had a great summer! Do you have any goals you are setting for yourself this fall?


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