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Flexing My Mobile Muscles: LG G Flex2

Source: Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 2.0

This week has been a bit of a wild ride, but I came out strong! To start, my two rats (love them as I do) ATE through the bottom of the cage on Wednesday. They had been idly chewing at the corners for a while, but the holes were small. I was actually shopping around online for a more chew-proof cage, hoping to catch a deal on a cage with a metal pan. But I got a text while I was at work, along with this hilarious photo:


Since I now needed a cage immediately, I had to get creative; I bought the same cage, but went to Walmart in search of a storage bin. If I was getting a shiny new rat home, I wasn’t going to let them demolish it! I brought the All Living Things Rat Starter Kit home, and assembled it … but the bin I had meticulously measured against the base was too wide at the top! My boyfriend pulled out his power tools and helped me trim it down and sand the edges, and I ended up with this:


They’ve actually taken to it quite well. Maybe they see the plastic bin as a large igloo or hideaway. In any case, it is working, and I hope it stays that way. This event was stressful enough to begin with!

To offset my surprise purchase, my new phone arrived on the same day: the LG G Flex2. I was eligible for an upgrade with Sprint after having my previous phone for two years, and boy did I need one. When I signed up with Sprint two years ago, I went with the Motorola Photon Q. It was simple, cheap, and suited my needs at the time – it functioned well, had a physical keyboard (so retro!), and was a smart phone without the huge bill. I don’t use a lot of apps, so the limited internal storage wasn’t a big deal.

I tried to bring my phone in for repair several months ago when it started acting up. It was freezing, loading slowly, and losing battery life quickly, among other things. I left them with a laundry list of issues, but since the phone behaved for them in the hour it was analyzed, the only advice they could offer was a factory reset. It was an old phone, and both my parents had returned their dead ones in months prior, so I suppose it was a blessing it still worked!

The Flex2 is by far the nicest phone I have ever owned, especially for the price. While my old phone was struggling to load Ingress in its final days, the Flex2 loads it in seconds. I actually feel I have a proper data connection now, and my messaging response time has increased. While Miitomo liked freezing my old phone, it works fine on the Flex2. As a bonus, I can now send and receive proper group and MMS messages with the stock app, and dial out without errors (you know, phone stuff).

Since the Flex2 is curved (a rather unique shape), I felt lucky finding an Otterbox Defender case for it on Amazon. Since the phone isn’t brand new, it looks like Otterbox doesn’t actively make the case anymore, but had backstock on Amazon? In any case, it is arriving next week and I am excited. Until then, I’ll be swaddling it in a screen cloth.


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