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Gratitude: It Works Like Magic

Source: StockSnap, CC0 via Pixabay

Exactly one month ago, I wrote a blog post about starting to follow The Magic’s gratitude exercises. Written by Rhonda Byrne (author of The Secret series), The Magic outlines a 28-day program, with each day featuring a different gratitude exercise. I was considering writing a blog post for each daily exercise, but ultimately decided against it; I was having trouble completely each exercise every single day, and wanted to complete the book at my own pace. Byrne advises going back a few exercises for every one that I miss, but I’m not doing that either – how rebellious!

In the end, I decided that I would – no matter what – write in my gratitude journal on a daily basis. The very first exercise in the book asks the reader to write down ten things that they are grateful for. They can be anything and everything – material objects, money, health, people, water, food, the Earth, anything. The requirement is that they write down why they are thankful for it; I wrote my sentences as “I am so happy and grateful for _____ because …”. This way, I write the words “happy” and “grateful” for each one! Once all ten things are written down, the reader is asked to go back through, read each one, and add “thank you, thank you, thank you” at the end of each sentence (either out loud, or in their head). This exercise becomes the backbone of The Magic practice; no matter the day’s exercise, writing in a gratitude journal is always listed first.

Day 6 – “Works Like Magic” – is one of my favorite chapters so far. A lot of us don’t feel the greatest about our jobs, but the law of attraction warns us that that is counterintuitive; we need to feel excited and grateful about our jobs if we want to discover our dream job. And sometimes, it is really hard to feel happy about working in retail. This exercise asks readers to imagine that there is an invisible manager following them around with a notepad and pen in hand. This manager’s purpose is to make a note every time the reader finds something about their job to feel grateful for. The more things the manager can make note of, the more magic the manager can invoke on the reader’s money, work success, and opportunities. This exercise forces me to stop, take a breath, and remind myself of good things about my job – respectful managers, amiable coworkers, working with pets, lunch breaks, and more. It keeps gratitude on my mind throughout the entire workday, and fosters positive energy!

I’ve already seen results in my attitude, and in my thoughts. Have you heard the saying “thoughts become things”? One workday, I was lamenting the fact that I hadn’t brought anything for lunch but a cup of noodles, and was considering using the vending machine. A coworker came in, used the machine, and sighed – they had pushed the wrong button and gotten a snack they did not like. Turning around, they asked if I wanted it. Another day, it was almost my lunch, and I wasn’t excited about what I had packed. Still, I expressed my gratitude for it in my head. Right before lunch, I was given a couple of bucks for putting a few dog carriers together. And I went out to lunch!

It might not seem like a big deal, but I’m just under halfway through the exercises. I’ve stayed 100% healthy while my household was sick – sore throat, painful coughing sick. And things are only looking up!

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