End-of-January Update

Have a picture of a happy goat!

With the end of January comes the end of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. (Most of) this month, I published one blog post daily about various topics. It was fun and eye-opening, and hectic at times. I have no plans to stop blogging now that it’s finished, but I do need to make some changes.

I plan on blogging 3-5 times a week from here on out. I enjoyed the challenge of doing it every day, but it isn’t convenient. Some days I would come home late from work, make dinner, shower, and be sitting up at 10 PM trying to blog. Chopping off a couple of days will give me some leeway with my schedule, and give me time to write in other areas.

I hope to post more creative writing, maybe on designated days. I’ve been getting positive feedback here, and I am really excited to be getting back into creative writing. I still plan on writing at least short story a week, in any case.

I want to come up with more structure for my blog posts –  certain days for certain topics and media, maybe. I’m not sure how much structure I want, but I do want a loose outline to my blogging week. So bear with me while I figure this all out, and thank you for always taking the time to read! I’ve seen a lot more visits because of the challenge, and made a lot of followers and friends in the process.

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