Winter Storm Warnings


Source: prosperitymentr, CC0 via Pixabay
In the first actual snowstorm of the season, our area of New York was hit with a winter storm warning, and inches upon inches of snow accumulation. It was snowing since early this morning, and visibility was already limited a little while before I was supposed to be at work. At that point, New York was declared to be in a state of emergency. Granted, the city was getting hit much harder than us, but we are close enough that we got slammed with a decent amount. Enough to make travel tough and hazardous, in any case. Fun, right?

You probably guessed it, but I didn’t go to work today. Does a pet store really need to be open during a snowstorm? Don’t worry – I was far from the first person to stay home, and the store closed a little while after. It amazes me how many people actually travel on the roads during a snowstorm when they have been advised not to; evidently, the city implemented a travel ban by nightfall so they could take care of the roads. Imagine being arrested just for driving out past curfew. We aren’t in the city, so we just get people in trucks and SUVs driving around because they have four wheel drive. 

In the end, we got by with a lot more luck than the other states. Several had up to 30 inches of total snowfall, had drivers stranded on the side of the highway, and had over 250,000 homes without power. There was even flooding along the coast; up here, we didn’t have any of that. has compiled a bunch of photos of the warpath of Winter Storm Jonas. I don’t have any personal photos to share – I didn’t go any further than shoveling the driveway, and digging out the cars. I have my fingers crossed that the car doesn’t slip and slide on the roads tomorrow morning, since the snow has already begun tapering off.

Were you in the path of the storm? How much snow fell on you? And did you do anything fun with it? We were going to make snow angels, but we forgot. Or lost the motivation to do it. It’s cold, you know? 

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