Would You Be Ready for the “Snowpocalypse”?

Just like last year, we have a big storm coming this Saturday. We’re currently in the 1″-3″ zone, and I hope it stays that way. Until then, have this repost about the snowpocalypse!

Dreamhowl's Playscape

High Mountains by Simon, CC0 via Pixabay Source: Simon, CC0 via Pixabay
Would you be prepared for the “snowpocalypse”, or lost in the snow drifts?

On Tuesday, January 27, winter storm Juno plowed through the northeastern United States, leaving several states with over a foot of snow. Some awoke to feet of snow piled in front of their doors, while others (like my region of New York) awoke with just six inches on the ground. And it was the fluffy variety of snow, too – soft and light, making shoveling far easier, and the roads available come Wednesday morning. Some northeasterners got the short end of the stick, but Juno did not pack the overall punch predicted by meteorologists.

Still, the preparedness (or frantic rushing) of blizzard expectees remained; a short trip to the grocery store for bread and dinner involved weaving around shoppers with carts full of water, soda, and all varieties of food. Customers at…

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