My Top 5 Favorite Character Resources

Olver Profile
This is a screenshot of Olver, one of my characters posted on Charahub.

Between stories, forums and roleplaying games, I have a lot of characters. For a while they used to hang out in my mind, lounging around and taking up space. Sometimes they sneak into my thoughts, and create scenarios in their universe that has yet to be solved. They used to only exist this way, or in forms on their designated web forums. But it can be difficult keeping track of so many people, from so many different universes, with their unique appearances and personalities. Here are several resources that I find helpful in both creating and organizing my characters.

Character Creation Sheet by nonsex-nonrom-writing

This is one of the most detailed character templates I have seen, without it being too long or convoluted. It covers every inch of appearance, including a separate section for wardrobe (which I feel sometimes gets overlooked). Not only is the character’s backstory (their history before present day) included on the sheet, but potential character and story arcs in their future. The biography goes into detail with the character’s likes and dislikes, expanding the sections with their loves, hates, and things they are indifferent about. And I love the way that the personality portion is split into positive personality traits, and negative personality traits; it really makes you think more deeply about your character and their behavior.

Sunrain Character Sheets by Sunrain Studios

I tend to play a lot of spellcasters in Dungeons and Dragons – sorcerers and druids especially. During one campaign, I had a druid with more spells than I could count. The official 3.5 character sheet was straightforward, but was lacking a proper section for spell names and descriptions. The Sunrain character sheets are not only beautiful, but have these extra features. I feel a character sheet should have all the room required for the roleplaying character – large sections for feats, abilities, equipment, spells, and more. Writing down all that information helps my character grow, and is especially useful when games aren’t played that often. This sheet is my go-to D&D character sheet for 3.5 edition – it even has a page dedicated to character background!


Charahub is a character hoarder’s dream: with one hundred character slots open to the free user, the website is a literal hub for all of your characters. The character form features all the basic information: physical description, personality, backstory, likes and dislikes, strengths and weakness, etc. However, there are also sections for your character’s species, setting, voice, fandom, and their sign of the zodiac. Free users can upload ten photos of their character to their biography, as well as answer numerous questions about them. And characters can be linked to others on the site, making it possible to show their relationships to other characters. Best of all, your can choose to share your characters publically, which makes directing others to their profile quite convenient!

Note: Charahub’s servers are down. A LOT. This might be fixed with V2, but the admin does not update Twitter, and has not posted an ETA on when to expect this update.

The RP Repository

The RP Repository does what Charahub can, but with more freedom; users can design their character’s profile like a webpage, with widgets and personalized information sections. Free users are allowed ten character slots with five pages per character, but can acquire more by either purchasing more character slots, or becoming an epic member via monthly subscription. While you add sections to your Charahub profiles, RP Repository lets you add text boxes, charts, journals, stats, and much more. Not only can you connect your character to others, but you can specify their relationship for all to see – friend, enemy, family, and acquaintance. The site is also host to a large roleplaying community, with access to forums to find RP partners, or advertise an open RP on the forum. Everyone I have met on the forum has been both kind and supportive to new members!

How to Create a Character Profile by The Lazy Scholar

This character profile worksheet might be old and less flashy, but it includes a lot of details if you are looking to really flesh out every aspect of your character. Just expect that filling this one out is going to take some time! After all, it includes sections on socio economic level, whether your character wears corrective lenses, favorite sayings, disabilities, educational background, how they deal with their emotions, spirituality, and so much more. You’ll know things you never knew about your character once you’re done, though!


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