“Crazy Rat Lady”, A Magic: The Gathering Deck

I decided to take a peek at what my top post on the blog was since its beginning in 2014. The winner by far (with over two thousand views!) is my post about my Magic: The Gathering rat-themed deck. Evidently, I wasn’t the only one who wanted a deck full of rats. Check it out below!

Dreamhowl's Playscape

Magic The Gathering

Source: Jessica Marello
In Magic: The Gathering, I tend to prefer green or red decks, but I love my mono black rat deck!

I play Magic: The Gathering very casually. I don’t play professionally, I only draft cards with friends, and I don’t frequent card shops for new booster packs or special events. I got interested in Magic: The Gathering through my boyfriend, who has played on and off with our friend group since high school. He wanted me to try the game, so he made me a couple of custom decks. I purchased some premade decks, a couple of Commander decks, and have played on and off with them since.

It is no secret to my friends and family that I love fancy rats. I have owned four rats in my lifetime, and am always raving about what adorable, loving pets they are. So when my boyfriend presented me…

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