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The Black Tapes Podcast: The Right Amount of Weird


Source: AndressaRodrigues, CC0 via Pixabay


“Do you believe?”
That’s the question that The Black Tapes Podcast asks its listeners with every eerie episode. Hosted by Alex Reagan and produced by Pacific Northwest Stories, the podcast is a serialized docudrama that is told as though it is real. The story begins as a show researching the existence of ghosts. Alex interviews paranormal researchers, TV show hosts, and others in the field to try and get to the truth behind paranormal phenomena. The plot takes an interesting turn when she finally meets Dr. Strand, a man offering one million dollars to anyone who can prove the existence of ghosts.

Strand is a firm believer, but not in ghosts; a scientist and skeptic, Strand seems to have a logical answer for every ghost story. But he has a secret: the black tapes. Despite his apparent disbelief in all things paranormal, he has a collection of unsolved cases tucked away in black video cases. And the more that Alex looks into them, the stranger things become. Can the paranormal really be solved with science? Is it all apophenia? Or does paranormal phenomena truly exist?

The Black Tapes Podcast caters to a multitude of my personal interests – ghost stories, high strangeness, storytelling, mystery, and all things paranormal. I love weird, eerie stories that make no logical sense. I have perused Creepypasta on more than one occasion. I have a collection of paranormal subreddits I categorize under “otherworldly”. I don’t remember how I heard about The Black Tapes Podcast, but I can’t get enough of it now.

I haven’t enjoyed a podcast this much since We’re Alive – a story of survival after a strange outbreak in a city. We’re Alive has already ended (and it’s free), so you should definitely try it out if you love a good story! The Black Tapes Podcast started in May 2015, and posts new episodes on a weekly basis. It comes back from break on the 19th, and I am beyond excited.

A podcast that deserves an honorable mention is Tanis, also produced by Pacific Northwest Stories. Hosted by Nic Silver, this serialized docudrama focuses around the mystery of Tanis – what it is, where it is, and where it came from. High strangeness abounds, and it’s difficult not to become obsessed with discovering the truth behind Tanis. Episodes come out on a biweekly basis, and it is a great sister show to The Black Tapes Podcast.

So … do you believe?

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