The Shelf of Weird: My Love of the Otherworldly


Source: geralt, CC0 via Pixabay


I’ve never had enough room on my bookshelves for all of my books. Never. For as long as I can remember, I’ve stacked my my books every which way just to fit them all. I’m probably to blame for asking for books every Christmas, but I can’t bring myself to downsize my collection anymore. I’m beginning to think that, someday, I’ll need a bookshelf the size of a small room. Or library. And while I do have some eBooks, I can’t bring myself to give up paperbacks entirely. It just isn’t the same!

The top shelf, aside from becoming cluttered, has increasingly become the home of my “otherworldly” literature. All of my books on meditation, monsters, and the paranormal are accumulated there. I have books on the law of attraction, UFOs, and astral projection hanging around up there. I touched on my fascination with the paranormal in a blog post a ways back, but it hasn’t gone anywhere. If anything, it has grown. And it has been healthily bolstered by holiday gifts!

This Christmas, I Am Haunted: Living Life Through the Dead by Zak Bagans made its way to my bookshelf. I already own his first book, Dark World, as well as Chasing Spirits by Nick Groff, and was really excited to receive I Am Haunted. I feel a lot more comfortable knowing that others are willing to gift me things of this nature. I wasn’t always very open about my otherworldly interests, because not everyone feels the same about it. I still remember trying to adamantly explain to someone that I believed we left our bodies every night we sleep. They said that only happens when we die. I learned to stop pushing it after that. It was just safer that way.

Today, I’m still not out to push my beliefs on anyone, but I’m more open about it. I think part of it comes from being around people who are so accepting, both in person and online. The internet is truly an amazing thing when it comes to finding people of similar interests. And my boyfriend does deserve a lot of credit; he sat through seasons of Ghost Adventures on numerous occasions, even though the show did nothing but creep him out. Today, he put on a narrative video about the goat man on YouTube of his own accord. Do you think I’m rubbing off on him? Maybe I should apologize.

All jokes aside, I’ve never actually seen a ghost, or alien, or cryptid. But my feelings and beliefs have always been this way. In the end, I’m going to have an entire bookshelf dedicated to my “otherworldly” literature. I’m looking forward to that day, actually.

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