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Real Life Neko Atsume: Cats, Cats Everywhere

My obsession with Neko Atsume started with the neighborhood cats. I live in a housing community, and our next door neighbor happens to be a cat owner. How many cats? I’m actually unsure; I’ve seen a handful of cats come and go, and many more hanging around the property. I’ve seen them crossing the street, standing in the street, and laying in the street. I don’t believe that every cat I’ve seen belongs to her, but I do think they are cute. How could they not be cute?

That used to be as far as it went – cats are cute – until they started coming over to say hello. It was around summer when the sweetheart Siamese introduced herself … by walking over, purring, and rubbing her face all over my legs. I was immediately in love with this cat, the friendliest cat I have ever met. I have walked out some mornings to find her waiting by the car, or seeing me off to work like a protective parent. I am so envious of whoever owns this cat. This is the cat that made me want cats. 

From there I started befriending other cats; one gray cat would hang out on the back of the porch, or on top of the pile of wood stove pellets. One adorable black kitten with bells on its collar watched me until I meowed at it. Yes, I started meowing at the cats. Some of them started following me to the porch, a behavior that I had to curb (we share a house with someone who does not like cats). I have a soft spot for a lean, hesitant orange tabby that seemed content to be in my presence, but only at a distance. One day I noticed her taking shade under the table on the porch; she looked a little beat up, like another cat had swiped her on the nose (it was clean, and looked taken care of), so I covertly left her some water before going back inside. 

When I downloaded Neko Atsume on my iPad, I realized that my life was encapsulated in this adorable app. I can leave food and toys out for the virtual cats to attract them to my yard. I can watch them playing, and take pictures of them in the app. The cats even bring you momentous from time to time if they visit your yard enough. Granted, these are items like ribbons, or birthday candles, but it’s adorable. How did Neko Atsume know that I loved playing with and taking pictures of the cats in my neighborhood? 

Please tell me I’m not the only one who does this.

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