Opportunities to Explore Beautiful Lake George in a Weekend

This park sign, located at the edge of Stone Bridge and Caves, really spoke to us.

One July weekend, we revisited Lake George on our second camping trip at Hearthstone Point. We reserved the same site at the park as last year (site 230) with the addition of a brand new tent. Not only is utilizing the campsite economical, but it is also simple and refreshing; this isn’t “wilderness” tenting, so we had a shower facility located up the road, a bathroom a few sites away, and our vehicle outside of our tent. Hearthstone Point is also mere minutes outside of Lake George village, and we saw numerous guests actually biking down to town instead of taking their cars.

We only ever visit Lake George up to four days at a time; staying over the weekend gives us just enough time to have fun and explore the sights without losing momentum. Last year, we saw Fort William Henry, drove up to Fort Ticonderoga, and went lazy river tubing on Lake Luzerne. Fort William Henry is located right in Lake George and even hosts a ghost tour at night (with reservations). Fort Ticonderoga was a 45-minute drive away, but well worth it; the views, education, and history involved make it great for all ages.

My goal this year was to switch up our route, and find some new attractions to explore. The first day revolved around driving up to Lake George, setting up camp, and spending the rest of the day around town. I didn’t want either of us to feel overwhelmed, not when we were supposed to be on vacation! We walked around the shops, scoped out some food, and came across a book sale – two books for $5! I caved, and we both got two books each before heading back to spend the night at camp.

Part of this stone mantle collapsed, allowing more structural support (and exploration of the cave within).

Saturday was what I was really looking forward to; I planned for us to drive over to Pottersville, NY to see Natural Stone Bridge and Caves Park. Only 20 minutes out of our way, the area is home to the largest marble cave entrance in the east. The area features a park, where visitors can go on self-guided tours with the aid of a map and a marked trail. We showed up early (an hour after opening) and we’re thankful for it; the views were spectacular, and by noon the trail was populated with people. We managed to get most of our photos minus the tourists.

Originally, I had set aside Sunday to visit Saratoga to visit the town and the historical park. However, we also really wanted to take one of the boat tours at Lake George, and we weren’t really up for the drive. In the spirit of enjoyment, we opted for an hour-long tour on the Minne-ha-ha in the morning, and the rain we were expecting actually held off! The lack of rainclouds meant some sun we weren’t expecting, which was nice, but left us with pretty intense suntans. Oops!

There were numerous islands on Lake George, and the shore was covered with gorgeous homes.

We later took a walk in Lake George Battlefield Park, the site of warfare between English and American troops during the Revolutionary War. Various spots in the park featured statues and plaques discussing their historical significance. The park features a bike path, as well as a pavilion with picnic tables, outdoor grilling areas, and sanitary facilities. It wasn’t like our previos visit to Fort William Henry or Fort Ticonderoga, but it was beautiful!

We went on vacation around the time that Antman entered theaters, and figured a movie was a relaxing, cool way to end our last night in Lake George. And despite my bad-mouthing Antman as a Marvel hero (somehow, a man with the power to become the size of an ant didn’t impress me), I ended up loving the movie. It was the perfect amount of humor and story to keep me hooked. It turns out Antman isn’t such a silly superhero after all – I can’t wait to see more of him in the grand story arc. And the price of tickets was cheaper than at our theater back home, so even my wallet was satisfied.

This was one of my favorite shots from Stone Bridge and Caves, maybe even the whole vacation!

I wouldn’t mind going back to Lake George next summer, and the summer after that; Hearthstone Point is a wonderful campground, and there is no shortage of attractions, at least not yet!

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