CHERISHED: Memories of Silverbolt

Source: Jessica Marello
Meet Silverbolt, my cherished childhood item!

This post is part of the #CHERISHED Blogfest of July 2015!

When I was young, I didn’t have a lot of “girl” toys; my favorite Barbie was a bicyclist that I mostly valued for her ability to sit on High Stepper with her hinged legs as the mechanical horse shambled across the tiled kitchen floor. I played with stuffed animals, loved Legos, and hoarded small Pokemon figurines. The glittery, girly approach did not always work with me.

Whenever anyone was dumbfounded as to what to give their quiet sister, niece, or daughter, there was one infallible solution – cater to her favorite animals. As a child, I was obsessed with three creatures in particular; I was intrigued by dragons, captivated by orcas, and infatuated with wolves. Wolves were by far my favorite among the three.

One birthday (or Christmas, I can’t remember which), I met Silverbolt. I had never quite seen a figurine like him before; Silverbolt was half wolf, half eagle. He had the wings, tail and claws of an eagle, and the head, torso, and hind legs of a wolf. He was a character from Beast Wars, a television show I had never seen, but that didn’t matter. In my wide, young eyes, he was a flying wolf, the greatest wolf I had ever seen.

As a Transformer, Silverbolt had the ability to be either in his animal form, or in his two-legged, human form. I kept him in the former build most of the time, and liked to set him on my shelf that way. Alongside Silverbolt, I had received Torca, a half-elephant, half-orca Transformer from the same line of toys, but Silverbolt was the cemented star of the show.

As my brothers and I grew older, we were urged to go through our old toys and give away what we had outgrown. As a teenager with far more on her mind than toys and games, I had added Silverbolt to a box of childhood memories. My father took them to a friend, to give to his kids, and in an instant Silverbolt was gone.

Years later, I told my boyfriend about my Silverbolt in a discussion about Transformers. I admitted that if there was ever a toy that I regretted letting go of, it was him (sorry Torca, but a flying wolf is pretty hard to top!). As my birthday approached, he said he had a surprise for me.

After browsing Amazon and Ebay, he had found a Silverbolt action figure for sale. It was out of the box but in good condition, without missing pieces. Looking at him again made me ridiculously happy. He looked just like I remembered him! He might not be the same Silverbolt I gave away, but he stirred the same excitement in my heart that he had so many years ago, when I had opened him for the first time.

Today, Silverbolt sits on my computer desk, watching over me like the days he spent on my shelves when I was so much younger.

26 thoughts on “CHERISHED: Memories of Silverbolt”

  1. That is a cool toy! I wasn’t much into girly toys either (with the exception of a doll house), but I do remember a green stretch-arm-strong monster. I don’t ever want one again, but at the time, it was so awesome.

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  2. Jessica, I am already in love with it. Never seen anything quite like it. As a kid I was in love with these toy figures. I had He-Man, G.I. Joe’s and Cobra figurines which I used to play with. I used to create my own stories, action scenes, dialogs which used to make people feel, I was a little off, but I wasn’t actually – I was a budding director and cinematographer that eventually got crushed under academic pressure..ha ha ha. Thank you for participating and for a lovely post.

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  3. Hi. I am one of the cohosts of the #Cherished blogfest and I want to thank you for participating in it, and for such a beloved share. I love that Silverbolt myself. I even love the name. Thank you, and do have a great weekend!

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  4. Jessica, your boyfriend is so thoughtful. Hold on to that one! More things you and I have in common – lover of wolves (I always have been), not a girlie girl, shy, etc.

    I did have about 4 or 5 barbies, though, and a couple of Barbie houses. Other than that, it was 3 dolls, a stuffed animal, a couple of cars, marbles and some action figures that were hand-me-downs from my older brother. I was big into telling stories with all of that stuff. We didn’t have much money, as my bio-father gave the majority to his mistress (came to find out later) and we moved around a lot, so I closed myself off from making new friends. Didn’t bother me one bit. My imaginary friends kept me company and I was never lonely. I suppose I was a weird child, or my teachers and classmates thought so. While they were participating in class, I was off daydreaming in my make-believe world. Ha!

    I loved your story and I’m so glad you were reunited with your beloved Silverbolt (even if he wasn’t your original).

    I climbed trees all over the place. Ha! I’d even do it now in my 40’s but people might think I was a little nuts, so I guess I won’t. But nothing will stop me from hiking, backpacking and climbing rocks! Just don’t let my daughter see. She might think I’m being a bit dangerous.


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