The Simple Adventure of Piercing My Ears (For the First Time)

Source: starbright, CC0 via Pixabay
How long have you had your ears pierced?

One Tuesday, June 2, I walked into a Tattoo and Piercing Parlor to get my ears pierced … for the first time. During my years as a pre-teen and teenager, my stepmom asked me (multiple times) if I wanted to get my ears pierced. My response was a variation between a look of horror and of insult (you want me to voluntarily put holes in MY earlobes?!). It definitely sounds like me; while I wasn’t terrified of needles, the idea of using one to poke a hole in my earlobes made no sense to me. I wasn’t terribly girly, and I associated earrings with being girly. I was a pretty tame rebel.

I started entertaining the idea a few years ago, when I started getting earrings as gifts … earrings that I couldn’t wear. For my birthday one year, a friend made me a cute pair of dice earrings. I randomly received a pair of small, silver rings for Christmas. I began seeing cute earrings at the eccentric shop by the mall that I visited for gemstones. More and more, I felt the urge to go and get my ears pierced, and pass this strange hurdle left abandoned from my childhood. Around May, I made the conscious decision that I was going to get the job done.

All I knew about piercings was that numerous places in the mall claimed to be able to do it. I took to Facebook to ask my family and friends for advice, because I am sure most (if not all of them) had gotten this done ages before me. Immediately, two teams formed; family members who spouted praise about going to the mall and getting it done (at a store like Claire’s), and friends who strongly advised me to go to a Tattoo Parlor. It might cost more, they said, but it was safer.

Source: Robert Gilbertson, CCO via Wikimedia
There are many professionals against the use of piercing guns.

The moment safety was introduced into the conversation, I began scouring the web. I found articles that turned mall piercings into nightmares; stories like how piercing guns cannot be 100% cleaned after each use. Meanwhile, professionals at a parlor pierce each ear with a sterile, separate needle, and clean the site before placing the earrings in by hand. Now that I was terrified of getting ear infections and other complications (who knew there were so many?), I looked into a local parlor recommended by a friend.

That Tuesday, both myself and my boyfriend happened to be off, and I decided it was now or never – at least, now or putting off for a couple more months. When I walked through the parlor door, my nerves began to melt away; the place was clean, there was a small waiting area, and two closed rooms toward the back. Admittedly, I had been expecting someplace more claustrophobic or sketchy, but the inside was white, bright, and clean. After some anxious signing of liability paperwork, I was led back.

The woman in charge of my piercing was exceedingly kind and genuine. She directed me to a chair and explained the entire procedure to me, from cleaning my earlobes and marking the site to selecting a pair of studs and piercing my ears. She had me triple check the placement of each hole, to be sure that I agreed, and assured me that the process would be quick and painless. She actually remarked on how calm I was. She was the essence of cool – she made me feel fearless! I picked a pair of black studs, and left with a bounce in my step. She was right – painless!

I followed the care sheet diligently; I cleaned my ears three times a day with a salt water solution, turning the earrings each time, for three or four weeks. I didn’t have to clean them for that long, but I didn’t see the harm in being cautious. And the sheet advised to keep the starter earrings in for four to six weeks, so I decided upon the latter. Call me sensibly safe! As a sort of congrats, my mom sent me a pair of dangling Doctor Who earrings – adorable little Tardis ones. I couldn’t wait to be able to wear them!

Since the six week mark is approaching, and my ears have long since stopped being swollen or irritated, I had the idea that I was going to remove my starter earrings today. I say idea, because I tried, and discovered that there is more to it than just “removing” them – they are pretty stuck! But it might be for the better; after digging for information about how to get them out, I learned that hoop and fishhook-style earrings aren’t recommended for newly pierced ears. In other words, I shouldn’t be wearing any of the earrings I own just yet. That was close!

So, once I find a decent pair of new studs, I plan on enlisting some help in extracting the starters from my ears. Fingers crossed it’s not as involved as it sounds! Anymore advice for a newly pierced newbie like me?

3 Replies to “The Simple Adventure of Piercing My Ears (For the First Time)”

  1. I had my ears pieces decades ago so I don’t exactly remember. But you are turning them as you clean them right? Theoretically they should easily emerge. I hope you find someone to help you. Be careful of dangling earrings as they do weight down the earlobe and can cause stretching that isn’t easily fixed. Best of luck to you!

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    1. Oh yes, during cleaning I turned them, I think they are just more difficult to remove than expected. And I read about not wearing dangling earrings, so I just picked up some replacement studs! I’m going to actually try to remove in a bit.

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