My Pet Retail Career in 11 Internet Headlines

dog by angel700w0, CCo via Pixabay
Source: angel7010w0, CC0 via Pixabay
Look at this classy poodle. Are you this classy?

Note: This post was inspired by “My Freelancing Career in 25 Internet Headlines“, as well as “My High-School Years in Internet Headlines“. These are based on truth, and are meant to be taken lightly. Enjoy!

A Woman’s Dog Poops on the Floor in Front of an Employee. When She Says Another Dog Did it, Nobody Believes Her.

When a Customer Asked to Speak to a Dog Food Professional, an Employee Said They Could Help. Why Didn’t the Customer Believe Them?

Video: It’s The Third Time This Customer Was Put on Hold for Grooming. Wait Until You Hear What She Has to Say! (Again)

When Employees Asked Him to Leash His Dog, He Refused. When They Asked Him to Leave, He Refused. You Won’t Believe What Happened Next! (Hint: His Dog Ran Away)

Poll: Did Her Dog Chew Off His Harness Because She Left it On All Day, or Because He is Bad?

When No One Asked This Customer if They Needed Help, They Complained. So Why Did They Complain When Every Employee Asked?

10 Obvious Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Put More Than One Fish in a One Gallon Fish Tank

He Tried To Buy a Fancy Rat to Feed His Snake. What Happens Next Makes Him Scream (and Throw the Worst Adult Temper Tantrum Ever)

Quiz: How Many People Do You Think Abandon Unwanted Pets at Pet Stores Every Year?

Slideshow: 20 Photos of Adoptable Dogs and Cats You Don’t Have The Money or Space to Take Home With You

The One Amazing Trick That Will Scare Pigeons Out of the Warehouse Instantaneously (Hint: It’s a Whistle)

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