The Power of Healing Music: a Life Enhancing Genre

Stress Relaxation by geralt, CC0 via Pixabay
Source: geralt. CC0 via Pixabay
Is your life plagued with stress? Healing music can help bring on the relaxation!

Most of us face stress, both physical and emotional, on a daily basis throughout our lives. Our jobs have us working around the clock, our noses are stuffed from that winter cold that won’t go away, and our bodies are exhausted at the end of the day. Some of us battle greater physical or mental ailments. Students experience tremendous amounts of stress during their balancing acts of homework, studying, and mental cramming. Sometimes it feels like stress will never leave us, and the mere thought of it wears us thin.

The healing music genre seeks to not only release stress from our lives, but enhance our overall health and well being. As more and more artists publish meditation aids and empowering instrumental songs, the existence of music for more than audible enjoyment grows. Some healing tracks are made for use with meditation sessions, while others are available for both calm moments and on-the-go use. The least the healing music genre can do is encourage relaxation and calm the mind; however, some music promises to go beyond the emotional.

Joe Vitale is a major contributor to the healing music genre, though his releases go beyond the “healing music” associated with new age artists and instrumentals. Known most widely through his appearance in the movie The Secret, Vitale produces what could be called a new genre of healing music. Using healing instruments, mantras, sound frequencies, and more, Vitale creates musical tracks that do more than make our ears happy – they help heal our body and mind! Imagine obtaining better health through accelerated physical healing, aligning your energy centers, and even attaining a spiritual awakening.

Meditation by johnhain, CC0 via Pixabay
Source: johnhain, CC0 via Pixabay
Healing music like Aligning to Zero can put you in a peaceful, meditative state.

These are only some of the benefits that Vitale’s album, Aligning to Zero, advertises. The seven tracks of this particular healing album correspond to each of our seven chakras and energy centers; listening to the tracks in succession and on a regular basis offer the possibility of un-blocking and realigning the energy centers. It is believed that our energy centers influence not only the spiritual, but the physical health of our body. In this way, Aligning to Zero offers a chance to heal in all of these ways, just by listening to seven tracks of music!

While Vitale has released numerous healing music albums, Aligning to Zero is the one I currently own and swear by. It is so easy to just play the tracks on repeat, in the background to almost any task. I throw the album on when I am writing to increase my creative flow. I listen to it when things are getting hectic and I need to slow down and take a breath. While I haven’t been listening consecutively enough to report enhanced psychic abilities, I certainly believe one could get to that point if they reach the right (and open) state of mind.

Cat Sleep by Optimusius1, CC0 via Pixabay
Source: Optimusius1, CC0 via Pixabay
Even you can be as relaxed as this adorable kitty right here.

If you haven’t heard of Joe Vitale, perhaps you have heard about the most relaxing song in existence? Crafted by British band Marconi Union and a group of scientists, the song Weightless is reportedly “the most relaxing tune in the history of man”. The track uses frequencies, tones, rhythms and intervals to instill relaxation. The song is so relaxing that people are advised against listening to it while driving, so save this one for the comfort of your home! Once you are there, you can find the track on Soundcloud.

If you find yourself stressed, sick or feeling blue, try introducing some healing music into your life! It doesn’t have to be limited to the music mentioned here – there are a plethora of new age and healing artists out in the big wide world. Simply listening to a little healing music each day could brighten your mood and put a smile on your face! And when we are relaxed and happy, we feel better. If you have healing music you enjoy, please share it in the comments below!

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