“Crazy Rat Lady”, A Magic: The Gathering Deck

Magic The Gathering

Source: Jessica Marello
In Magic: The Gathering, I tend to prefer green or red decks, but I love my mono black rat deck!

I play Magic: The Gathering very casually. I don’t play professionally, I only draft cards with friends, and I don’t frequent card shops for new booster packs or special events. I got interested in Magic: The Gathering through my boyfriend, who has played on and off with our friend group since high school. He wanted me to try the game, so he made me a couple of custom decks. I purchased some premade decks, a couple of Commander decks, and have played on and off with them since.

It is no secret to my friends and family that I love fancy rats. I have owned four rats in my lifetime, and am always raving about what adorable, loving pets they are. So when my boyfriend presented me with a custom “rat” deck for regular play, I was hooked. I love calling it the “Crazy Rat Lady” deck. I have only play-tested the deck once, but it won the match! And the very idea of flooding enemies with rats, win or no win, is exciting. And adorable. You could show me the ugliest rat in existence, and I would still call it “furbaby”.

For newcomers, Magic: The Gathering is a trading card game where players command decks against each other in turn-by-turn fashion. Standard decks need to be at least 60 cards, but can contain more if desired. There are five card colors: red, blue, green, white, and black. There are also colorless cards, such as artifacts and equipment, that can be paid for with any color. Land cards represent the five colors and are used to pay for creatures, enchantments, instant spells, and all other types of cards. This is referred to as “mana cost” and differs from card to card.

Crazy Rat Lady

Source: Jessica Marello, Fair Use: mtgvault (webpage)
This is the complete layout of my rat deck, including an optional sideboard.

My “Crazy Rat Lady” deck is mono black, meaning it solely consists of black cards. A good portion of it is made of rat creature cards – like Drainpipe Vermin, Pack Rat, Ravenous Rats, Stronghold Rats, and Typhoid Rats. Pack Rat actually benefits from having more rat creatures out; the more rats in the play, the higher Pack Rat‘s power and toughness. Since Pack Rat‘s power and toughness is “*/*”, that means it is only as good as the number of rat creatures in play; alone, it is a mere 1/1. The more rats, the merrier (and powerful) the party!

The aim of the deck is to get rats into play – lots and lots of rats – and buff them up beyond measly 1/1s. Obelisk of Urd (an artifact card) allows the player to choose a creature type when casting the card; all creatures of that type get +2/+2 as long as the artifact remains in play. That easily turns three 1/1 rat creatures into three 3/3 rat creatures. And Lashwrithe is an artifact equipment card that, when equipped, gives the creature +1/+1 for each swamp the player controls. I attached Lashwrithe to Typhoid Rats – a 1/1 rat creature with deathtouch – and it turned into a massive 8/8!

Nezumi Graverobber is featured in the deck, but as of yet I haven’t had a chance to play him. When flipped over, he turns into Nighteyes the Desecrator, a Legendary creature and rat wizard. While the action costs four colorless and one black mana, Nighteyes can take a target card from a graveyard and put it into play under the player’s control. That makes it easy to retrieve valuable cards from your graveyard, or even someone else’s. Cards like Font of Return and Rescue from the Underworld do the same, but are gone once you use them; Nighteyes can do it repeatedly, once a turn. Rat Wizard is best wizard!

Fancy Rats

Source: Jessica Marello
Here, have some fancy rats as proof of their inherent cuteness!

Because of its play speed (and predominance of rat creature cards, obviously), my “Crazy Rat Lady” deck has easily become my favorite deck for standard games of Magic: The Gathering. The next time we pull out our non-Commander decks with our friend group, it is sure to be my deck of choice. Part of me has always wanted to inundate people with rats ever since I became a proud owner of fancy rats. Now I can do that … at least when I am playing Magic: The Gathering. Protip: if you ever botch things up between us, bring me rat things. I can’t be mad around rat things.

Do you play Magic: The Gathering? What deck colors are your favorite? Let’s chat about it in the comments!

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  1. Reblogged this on Dreamhowl's Playscape and commented:

    I decided to take a peek at what my top post on the blog was since its beginning in 2014. The winner by far (with over two thousand views!) is my post about my Magic: The Gathering rat-themed deck. Evidently, I wasn’t the only one who wanted a deck full of rats. Check it out below!


  2. This deck really looks amazepaws! I’m currently building a rat deck myself and I have had rats for years… I have one girl left now and Will be buying her a companion next week ^^

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